The Forum?s software is set up to block certain words and terms we consider to be inappropriate for use on the site. Typically, the words and terms included are those that are crude, vulgar and/or involve racial epithets.

That does not mean the software will block all inappropriate words or phrases. Setting it up to do so would be an exercise in futility because we wouldn?t be able to identify everything that should be included or the exceptions when the term or phrase would be acceptable in a particular context.

Altering the spelling of words/terms to bypass the blocking feature of the software is in conflict with Forum rules. Moderators try to show some tolerance if the word/term is altered enough so as not to be blatant. As a guideline, moderators often will ignore an otherwise inappropriate word or term so long as at least two letters of the word/term have been omitted or changed to symbols, although that should not be interpreted as a license to sprinkle inappropriate language with symbols in a thread.

Moderators cannot ignore words/terms (even with altered spellings) that are used to convey hostility toward other Forum members.

It's also inappropriate, of course, to introduce inappropriate language to the Forum via images or links.

The judgment of moderators will be final in such issues because the moderators are charged with using their best judgment in maintaining a level of civility that ensures the Forum is a fun and friendly place for Kuboto enthusiasts to hang around.